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선수다 At the beginning, you don't just trust your face. If you want to go to an interview with a host for the first time in your life and work, but you don't know how to do it, you can find a part-time job as a Hoba player It is the easiest site to find male part-timers because it also includes information on Hoba waiters. It is also possible to report on men's helpers seeking jobs related to Hoba women only, and you can find them on a professional and reliable site. If you're a little older, why don't you try the talking bar women's cafe women's bar if you're a father's room worker, a swallow room worker, and a good talker? Experience is a priority rather than much information. If you don't mind, you can also join your friend, so it's good to try.

You have to get a rough idea of which area you should work in, what style of clothes you choose, and what mindset you should work in. Usually, I start working as a hoppa after seeing job postings of new players these days. If you go to work for your first interview, there is a possibility that you will lose your mind whether you go to the store or report. Although it has changed a lot now, there are sometimes interviews at Starex in the double eight years with people still waiting in the narrow waiting room as before. If I sit in the room, what should I set up the glass first? Sometimes, there are players who ask "Where do you live?" in a friendly way, but it is better not to do a census other than your name. However, it is necessary to identify where you live or work with various induction questions. The most important thing is to understand customer tendencies before having a conversation in the room. It's very important to understand customer tendencies.

If you go to a store for the first time to work and the boss is gambling, you must avoid that store. Host bars are rarely damaged by gambling. This is because these places are generally operated systematically. However, the more stores in the dark, the more stores are related to gambling than I thought.

If you thought about working in a host club, the most important thing to think of is "settlement." It would be nice if I could get cash right away every day, but there are definitely some customers who prefer cards. I always pay by credit card because I can't find a lot of cash, but some stores are still paying weekly payments. For example, of course, I'm thinking about getting about 1 million won settled for a week after going into the table and using it right away, but there are often cases where there is no news on the settlement day.

The boss couldn't contact him and went to work to get the settlement, but sometimes he had to go into the table first. In some cases, when I went into the table and came out from work, I said, "The boss didn't go to work, so I'll give it to you tomorrow, so go to work tomorrow." However, when I went to work, the settlement did not come out again, and the settlement began to accumulate, but now I go to work to receive the money I didn't receive because it was a waste of money. If the accumulated money is high, there are stores that give a cycle, but give only a part and continue to drag on.

When you go to work, the amount to be settled increases again, and you can't move to another store or quit the store because you haven't received all the settlement. Therefore, it is very important to understand the atmosphere and situation of the store in detail from the beginning, so it is most important to pay attention to this point and choose a workplace where you can work.

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